History of Hinduism:

Hinduism has a long and complex history. It is a blend of ancient legends, beliefs and customs which has adapted, blended with, and spawned numerous creeds and practices. More..
Please note:
The 'traditional' view of Hindu history, as described in this section, has been challenged by modern scholars.

In particular, various scholars have advanced the following theories:

Hindu religion pre-dated 3000BCE:
'Aryan', a Sanskrit word meaning 'noble', does not refer to an invading race at all - The Aryans did not invade but migrated gradually.
The Aryans were native to the area, or found there long before the alleged invasion. Hinduism originated solely in India. There is ongoing controversy over which version of Hindu history is the correct one.

* Prehistoric religion:
- (3000-1000 BCE)
The earliest evidence for elements of the Hindu faith dates back as far as 3000 BCE. Archaeological excavations in the Punjab and Indus valleys (right) have revealed the existence of urban cultures at Harappa, the prehistoric capital of the Punjab (located in modern Pakistan); and Mohenjo-daro on the banks of the River Indus.
Archaeological work continues on other sites at Kalibangan, Lothal and Surkotada. The excavations have revealed signs of early rituals and worship.

In Mohenjodaro, for example, a large bath has been found, with side rooms and statues which could be evidence of early purification rites.
Elsewhere, phallic symbols and a large number statues of goddesses have been discovered which could suggest the practice of early fertility rites. This early Indian culture is sometimes called the Indus Valley civilisation.

* Pre-classical (Vedic)
- (2000 BCE - 1000)
Some time in the second millennium BCE the Aryan people arrived in north-west India.The Aryans (Aryan means noble) were a nomadic people who may have come to India from the areas around southern Russia and the Baltic. They brought with them their language and their religious traditions. These both influenced and were influenced by the religious practices of the peoples who were already living in India. Top

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